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GRE Training

  • Easy-to-Follow
  • Q&A Enhances Learning
  • Our Professionals are available by phone
  • Training Slides based on 30 years of research

Advantage of GRE Interactive Training

Use our fun, highly-interactive style of training, versus boring cookbook training. Proposal cookbook training is marginally beneficial for increasing one's knowledge of the terms and techniques of the art and science of proposal writing. GRE's approach includes classical rhetoric, arts of persuasion, appeals to logic, reason, authority, and the psychology associated with graphics, in addition to the basic cookbook body of knowledge. Our research has indicated that more than 66% of those who received traditional cookbook proposal training have been dissatisfied, since they felt they were exposed to a majority of knowledge already known or because the course's emphasis was on "what to do" rather than "how to do it".

We recommend a workshop forum using an incumbent or draft solicitation. GRE's proposal coaching is a hands-on seminar, which uses an advanced solicitation and focuses on sample tasks and write-ups which are collaboratively improved by the participants through coaching. Their output is therefore available for the actual submittal. This process has proven successful, as demonstrated by our clients' testimonials. GRE tailors proposal training to meet our clients' needs. The sessions involve hands-on coaching exercises in a small group configuration, equivalent to the real world environment of proposal writing.

GRE Training includes:

  • Use of Draft or Actual RFPs To Leverage Training and Productivity
  • Small Group Exercises which Apply Theory to Acquire Knowledge and Skills
  • Tools Which Facilitate Strategy, Action Item Closure, Reviews and Production
  • Techniques for Integrating SOW into Resumes and Contract Summaries
  • Understanding the Instructions For Offer (Section L) Portion of an RFP
  • Understanding the Evaluation Criteria (Section M) Portion of an RFP
  • Significance of Other Sections which Comprise The RFP
  • Knowledge of Persuasive/Pervasive Writing Techniques
  • Methods to Address Specific Technical Requirements
  • A Disciplined Approach to Collaboration and Small Group Meetings
  • Solutions to Recurring Problems in Proposal Development
  • Significance of Exploiting Themes and Discriminators
  • Skills in Conducting Strategic Kick-Off Meetings and Team Reviews
  • Use and Balance of Graphics in Proposal Development
  • Techniques for Increasing Evaluation Scores and Reducing Costs
  • Importance of Implicit Requirements such as Risk Mitigation and Realism
  • Techniques for Retaining Recompete Contracts
  • Techniques on How to Unseat an Incumbent, including Countermeasures
  • Discussion on the Implied Meaning of a Best Value Bid
  • Security and Production Techniques, Including Configuration Control
  • Methods in Managing Long Hours associated with Intensive Bids