Proposal cookbook training is marginally beneficial for increasing one’s knowledge of the terms, languaging, and techniques of the art and science of proposal writing. Our approach includes classical rhetoric, arts of persuasion, appeals to logic, reason, authority, and the psychology associated with graphics, in addition to the basic cookbook body of knowledge.

Our research has indicated that more than 66% of those who received traditional cookbook proposal training have been dissatisfied, since they felt they were exposed to a majority of knowledge already known or because the course’s emphasis was on “what to do” rather than “how to do it”.

We recommend a workshop forum using the incumbent or draft solicitation. GRE’s proposal coaching is an educational seminar which uses an advanced solicitation and focuses on sample tasks and write-ups which are collaboratively improved by the students through coaching. The results are then used in the actual submittal. This process has proven successful, as demonstrated by our clients’ testimonials.

A typical four-day, ten-person training course starts as low as $3,950 (plus associated travel costs, if any). Unlike our competition, we come to you. You can gain the competitive edge you need to produce higher quality, lower cost proposals.

Wishing you business success,

Frank J. Greco, Ph. D.