Writing proposals is the art of being persuasive.  In other words, its an attempt to make a premise and prove the primary theme that: you are the most valued customer. This is best accomplished by writing effective themes introduce your explanation.

When attempting to write themes or thesis sentences, try to use the word “because” to link the premise with the proof.  In fact, the use of the word “because” is especially effective because it signals the reader-evaluator to be on the alert for justifying reasons.  (Note:  this last sentence contains a “because”, which is an example of a proof by premise.)  Avoid the repetitious use of “because” (because) it will become tedious to the evaluator.  Variations in cause-and-effect type words are:

  • Since
  • Implies
  • As a result of
  • Causes
  • Equate to
  • Provides the advantages of
  • Results in the benefits of
  • Defines the structure of
  • Satisfies the specification(s) of

The content presented is taken from GRE’s Proposal Training course presented by Dr. Frank Greco. Information regarding GRE’s Proposal Training and similar inquiries can be directed to fjg@grecoinc.com and website www.grecoInc.com.


Wishing you business success,

Frank J. Greco, Ph. D.